Success starts with a shared vision.

Know your problem?

Collaboration is essential to success, especially in large-scale projects such as construction. Collaprime creates better understanding that leads to better results.

Without full understanding, delays in decision-making are inevitable. Collaprime helps you avoid time and budget overruns, and additional rework.

Many firms fall into the trap of wasting time on extensive meeting room setup and disruptions.

Designers should be able to explore design possibilities by combining multiple data sources and forms or representation across a range of media.It is almost impossible to look at a set of drawings and be able to visualize what will be the final product you will be getting.

The design/build/service process thrives on collaboration and communication – without the best of both, a project can suffer.



Solve your problem!

Most of the projects’ expenses come from operations: salaries and supplies. The project leads can benefit greatly from listening to real operational professionals and users during the design process with Collaprime’s CAVE in action.

To facilitate communication, Collaprime has created a cost-effective, life-size collaboration system that supports user-oriented design methods.

Collaprime provides Multiview immersive solutions and customized configurations bringing even greater value to VR environments. CAVE provides transformational awareness for organizations that need to optimize designs, unlock insights, speed products to market, and inform decision makers. With multiple viewer capability, they can vastly improve collaboration and workflow.

Collaprime has tested these collaboration methods and technologies in many different scenarios, ensuring they are battle-tested and ready for anything.


Saving in time

Our products help save time at each stage of a construction or infrastructure project: decision-making, planning, implementation, sales and internal engagement.

Cost efficiency

Observations and better decisions made with the help of our collaborative tools lead to significant savings in planning, project implementation and life cycle costs.

Optimum usability

Using our collaborative tools in planning allows construction and infrastructure projects to be optimized with regard to not only life cycle costs but also end-user experience.

Pioneering solutions

Our high-end technology products give you an efficient competitive advantage and act as a differentiating factor, whether you are the project owner or designer.

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Customer experiences

Collaprime’s technology helps create an understanding and a connection between people.

- Jaakko Jauhiainen SVP, CTO
A-Insinöörit Oy

Collaprime has helped us strengthen our position as a forerunner in virtual design.

- Mikko Heikkinen, Managing Director
UKI Arkkitehdit Oy

In the best case scenario, the cost of a Collaprime CAVE system can be saved in just one design meeting.

- Jaakko Jauhiainen SVP, CTO

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