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A-Insinöörit: Economic benefits every step of the way

Designing the New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki in 2014 was the first project in which the current SVP, CTO at A-Insinöörit, Jaakko Jauhiainen, cooperated with Collaprime.

“User orientation is always important but when it comes to environments where particularly demanding work is done,
such as hospitals, it is crucial to design well-functioning facilities that enable the personnel to work efficiently. It is also
a vital requirement for such a project’s success. We were looking for a partner that could help us visualize designs
during our user-driven design process. The professionals behind Collaprime were the only ones with enough high-level
expertise to meet our needs,” Jauhiainen says.

Swift and straightforward decision-making

”Collaprime’s technology proved its worth immediately. At first we used Collaprime’s collaborative tools mainly to
outline our designs. After discovering the benefits, we decided to use the tools in all project stages, from the first
moments of designing up until building commissioning.”

The business benefits of Collaprime’s product are evident to Jauhiainen. When all parties share a common vision,
decision-making is straightforward and efficient. With a better product (the building) and more efficient designing,
cost-savings are gained during the design and construction phases as well as over the building’s life cycle.

”For us at A-Insinöörit, the benefits of an efficient, skilfully conducted design process become apparent in the extent
and effectiveness of the design and construction phases as well as when the buildings are in use,” Jauhiainen states.
”There is indisputable evidence of the system’s economic benefits with hard data to back it up. With large-scale
construction projects, the savings are notable. In the best case scenario, the cost of a CAVE system can be saved in just
one design meeting.”

Consensus creates connection

For someone who hasn’t used VR technology, the difference between an immersive VR environment and a
visualization with just a VR headset might not be clear. Jauhiainen, however, sees them as two completely different
applications, both with specific uses. The differences become apparent in use.

”Extensive first-hand experience of user-driven design in various projects has proven that using VR headsets isn’t the
best option when collaborating with different kind of people, especially if they are not construction professionals.
When such technical appliances are placed between people, interaction becomes practically impossible. Collaprime’s
technology, however, makes collaboration and communication possible within any group.”

In addition to business benefits, cooperation with Collaprime has been successful in other ways, too. ”It is great to
work with companies who do what they promise. Collaprime has done everything exactly as promised and within the
agreed schedule. Cooperation has been uncomplicated and easy.”

A-Insinöörit is an expert in construction and design employing over 600 people. The corporate group has worked on demanding construction projects both in Finland and abroad, such as port, airport, tunnel, power plant, shopping centre and hospital projects.

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