Products & Services


Our tools and services improve cooperation between project parties and help clarify the common vision about the desired outcome.

With our collaborative tools, you can achieve prompt decision-making, more efficient construction, less need for repairs in the future and more functional facilities that optimize the end-user experience and life cycle costs.

Our products have been used in building and infrastructure planning, Big Room working, product development, sales and marketing.



A collaborative environment enabling a very accurate visualization of objects in a true 1:1 scale. Surfaces in four directions offer an immersive experience. The Collaspace environment can have up to 15–20 people working at a time and it can be modified to become “a Big Room”. The system includes Unity and Navisworks software interfaces for both BIM models. It also has a drone camera integration capability and it allows remote users to join and collaborate using a VR headset.

VR Workshop

In our VR workshop, you get to try VR technology as part of a BIM process
and test Collaspace before moving on with the investment.

Collaspace virtual wall

A lighter version of the Collaspace virtual environment. Can be used in smaller spaces where the full version cannot be built.

Extra feature: Remote work with VR headset

With a VR headset, a person can also work remotely in a Collaspace environment. With VR glasses, the remote user will see the same as those present in the environment.

Extra feature: Drone-image integration

Images from a drone camera are projected on the walls of a Collaspace environment for the project parties to look at, for instance, when examining a construction site’s status.