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New Showroom opened in Norway – Invitation to Open Day Event, Feb 14

14 FEBRUARY 2018 ;  8.30 – 18.00

TECHNOPOLIS FORNEBU, Martin Linges Vei 25, 1364 Fornebu, Norway


Welcome to our Open Day Event at our newly established high class BIM Cave collaborative working and business meeting facilities for your projects in Technopolis. Bring projects to life in virtual reality BIM cave before work starts on the site.

Explore the benefits of using CAVE system Yourself!!

– Visualize the project to help in communication.

– Save time in decision making, planning, implemention, sales and internal engagement.

– Significant savings in planning, implementation and life cycle costs.

– Optimize not only life cycle costs but the end user experience as well.

– Get the competitive advantage with high-end technology!

The event is organised by Finnish Partners and Collaprime in cooperation. The idea of the Open Day is to ebnable all the companies with interest of VDC and or VR to free explore and test the CAVE – Collaborative Virtual Reality environment. Open whole day between 8.30-18.00. No registration required.

Coffee and snacks served during all day – welcome.

Finnish Partners & COLLAPRIME

PS. The BIM Cave showroom in Fornebu is open permanently. If you cannot make the 14th of Feb, please contact us to set up a meeting later

Contact: ari.puuskari@collaprime.com

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