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Collaborative Virtual Reality Workshop at Autodesk Birmingham, Nov 2–3

This workshop gives opportunity to run your Autodesk BIM models in a Collaborative Virtual Reality CAVE that Collaprime has set up at Autodesk’s premises in Birmingham.

We will guide you through the work process from Autodesk model into a LIVE model to be taken directly into CAVE and let you and your project group explore your project in the Collaprime´s CAVE (Computer Added Virtual Environment).

Limited number of places available!


Autodesk Birmingham
Small Heath Business Park, Talbot Way
Birmingham B10 0HJ

2nd and 3rd of November: 2 hours starting at, 9.00, 11.00, 13.00 or 15.00 (you are free to choose the starting time for your group)

What do you need:
– your laptop with Autodesk AEC Collection or Autodesk Navisworks Simulate / Manage and a project model
– your colleagues / project team members / other stakeholders of the project

Free of charge (normally we charge 1 200 £/ group)
Tea or coffee available during the workshop

Target of the workshop:
Clarify the potential benefits of using Collaborative VR as a tool in a project and explore the right ways to implement VR as part of the BIM process.

Main objectives in using Collaborative VR:
– Get more effective way to visualize the project so that everyone understands it better
– Improved collaboration throughout the whole project
– Promote envolving engineering in a project
– Gain engineering solutions that serves users better (use of facilities, room solutios, feasability and maintenability of a plant, logistical solutions etc.)
– Find easier ways to visualize also refurbishing projects (visualize scans against design models)
– Speed up decision making process
– Explore new ways for marketing & sales
-Improve working safety during on-site work

Workshop gives the best benefit if the key project persons and also other project stakeholders partisipates it.


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