Collaborative Virtual Reality Workshop at Autodesk Birmingham, Nov 2–3

This workshop gives opportunity to run your Autodesk BIM models in a Collaborative Virtual Reality CAVE that Collaprime has set up at Autodesk’s premises in Birmingham.
We will guide you through the work process from Autodesk model into a LIVE model to be taken directly into CAVE and let you and your project group explore your project in the Collaprime´s CAVE (Computer Added Virtual Environment).

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Collaprime presents CAVE systems at Bygg Reis Deg 2017

Collaprime presents CAVE systems at Bygg Reis Deg 2017.
More about the event: http://www.

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Collaprime at Autodesk LIVE Events in Copenhagen and Birmingham

Collaprime´s Collaboration Space 2.0 cave with direct integration to Autodesk´s BIM workflow is presented at Autodesk Live events as follows:

The Future of Making things , Copenhagen 02.

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Event: VR/AR Hämeenlinna 2017, Finland

Tony Lindqvist, Founder, Collaprime Ltd.
Virtual reality assisted collaboration and history behind it – use cases from heavy industry and construction projects.

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